Francsoft Construction Company Ltd

From conception to creation, where your dream is implemented

Francsoft Construction Company Limited, PVT-MKUMLPP is a wholly Kenyan-owned company under Companies Act 2015. We are committed to offering our customers quality, affordable and modern services for their projects. From state-of-the-art architectural solutions to simple structural engineering, we are company showing a lot of difference. We believe in leveraging latest technology, matching pricing with quality and banking on greatest minds in our team of experts. Working with us is not only comfortable but also life changing as we bring to life amazing buildings, construction projects and finishes.

Official Contact

Official Name: Francsoft Construction Co. Ltd
Address: P.O. Box 27—20117, Naivasha
Location: Lancaster Plaza, Suite 20, 1st Floor
Telephone: +254(0)723– 918354

Our Services

  • Project Designs
  • Project Cost Planning
  • Building Works Construction
  • Refurbishments & Renovation Works
  • Interior Design Construction Works
  • Civil Engineering Works
  • Water Works